Our wisdom work as elders in our generation is to recognize and harvest the wisdom embedded in our years and to put it to the service of those whom we treasure. The Elders Guild will establish a Wisdom Tradition that will support us as we do deep learning in the areas of our lives where the need for wisdom and understanding is greatest. The Wisdom Tradition will have a number of paths, including healing and dying, karma fixing, change making, relationship healing, managing our resources, consciousness exploration and fun and games.Universities and other learning organizations are organized to support, sustain and nurture the activities of young people to prepare them for what lies ahead. Our Guild Learning Communities will be places where elders rigorously engage our most vital concerns not just to prepare for ourselves as elders, but also for the benefit of the entire generational continuum of families and communities.Our vision is that the wisdom of the elders will emerge to raise the level of collective enlightenment throughout society. Elders cross all lines of ethnicity, religion, economics, and culture and we can form the common paths of wisdom and understanding in realms where today we can only see differences. The fruit of our learning will provide the connective tissue between the heritage of the past and the creation of a decent and meaningful legacy for the future as we make the present more purposeful.