Today as we look forward to a continually fraying social safety net, it is obvious that as time goes by, we will increasingly need one another for mutual support. The Elders Guild is being organized into interdependent communities where we can be present for one another through good times and bad, through good and failing health and times of loss and renewal. Our communities will be multi-generational enclaves where we enliven one another and lovingly nurture our friends and family members through meaningful rituals, celebrations and multigenerational events hosted by the community of elders. As our actions and our Guild Community Meetings provide an opportunity for us be together with a shared sense of purpose, a new tradition for the role of elder will be established for ourselves and others. Multigenerational, interdependent, diverse Elders Guild Communities will be established by people like us in neighborhoods where we live. Our ultimate goal for the Elders Guild is an organization that is local in nature and that shares the same design, mission and culture with other local Elders Guild organizations around the world.